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Areas and inter-block spaces overgrown with weeds. Broken benches, old play equipment (if any) and walls scratched by vandals. This is the usual picture in almost all peripheral points of the cities in which we live.

And no, the solution is not only in the budget and the repairs that the municipality will make. Move your finger! is a call to action.

The “Move Your Fingers” campaign shows that the environment and circumstances depend on our own efforts, actions and/or inactions. And the activities themselves, as well as the decision of what to do, are carried out by the people who live in these spaces.

In the summer of 2020, we started in the city of Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria (http://openspacebg.com/move-your-finger-bg/).

Together we mapped points in the city that need intervention and change. Together we made the projects: where and what we can change and renew ourselves, and we continue! Because that’s exactly how changes happen when we’re together! With the funds raised by the campaign, we will continue to change the environment. In your city. In your neighborhood.