Formal Dress_Jose Marie collection ECHO #1

– Perfect for your special events

– Features a stylish design inspired by the geometry of the Rhodope folk costume (Bulgaria)

– Eye-catching printed design

– Back: author’s hand-made figures of shirita in red

– Open shoulders allow you to wear fine jewelry


Call for order:

José Marie, a Cebuano-Dutch creative, resists defining himself within conventional labels of artistry or design. His diverse identity, rooted in Cebuano heritage, intertwines with a local spiritual upbringing characterized by his mother’s healing rituals. Relocating to Europe exposed him to a world of art, modernity, and material wealth, fostering his fascination with the intersection of spirituality and materialism in society.

In his graduation collection, “Imelda Marcos: Diamonds in Diapers,” José Marie delves into the Philippines’ complex historical legacy. Exploring the Rhodope traditional costume in Bulgaria, he forges a path connecting heritage, culture, and fashion. His tenure at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and involvement with the ECHO Academy in Bulgaria catalyze his pursuit of fashion, culture, and heritage.

Presently, José Marie ardently collects and constructs a narrative that interlaces varied heritages, embracing their extravagant and enigmatic facets in the contemporary fashion realm. Through his artistic endeavors, he aspires to create a captivating fusion of cultural narratives, inviting modern audiences to contemplate the intricacies of tradition and innovation.